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Our Services

Prep for all levels of the STEP Eiken tests

Students prepare for all levels of the STEP Eiken tests.  Upon meeting with us, they are assessed and placed at the appropriate level.  With guidance and carefully selected material, they build and advance to the next level of Eiken. We are proud to say that our students have had great success with all levels of Eiken tests.

Toefl iBT

Students come to us with their ideal score and it is our job to support them in achieving their goal.  We do this by setting goals of our own with the students.  In addition to working on the necessary material, study guides and schedules are created together to ensure optimal success.


Upon coming to us, we complete an assessment to determine the student's level, and based on their results, we create a personalized study plan for them. Through practice, consistency, test-taking tips, and strategies, students achieve their goals successfully.

Academic Support for Elementary, Middle, and High School students

ELS offers academic support for all grade levels. We understand that transitioning to a new school environment and a new culture can place many demands on our students. We provide motivation, individual attention, and direct instruction to increase our students' academic achievements.

Reading & Listening Comprehension

Students use authentic materials such as weather reports, newspaper articles, songs, menus, advertisements, and other authentic materials during lessons. Introducing real-life language allows them to experience language learning in context, which gives them the cultural exposure they need to make a comfortable transition.


We understand that every student comes to us with a different level of speaking.  It is important that we here at ELS find the appropriate level our student is comfortable with and build on that. Through, play, music, short video clips, and a lot of humor, we have had great success in getting our students to respond quickly.  


Importance is placed on English Writing Skills at the very beginning of English language Teaching and Learning. By using examples and illustrations, students are supported and encouraged throughout the process.  Learning to form a well-structured sentence is the most critical piece in writing.  From there, we begin to "spice" up our writing by introducing all of the other ingredients such as capital letters, punctuation, where to use quotes, etc.  Students then learn the different writing genres, including Expository Writing, Descriptive Writing, Persuasive Writing, and Narrative Writing.

themed classes

Are offered to all ELS students. These classes take place throughout the year.  Depending on the time of year, themed classes will include Eiken Practice, Holiday Events, Movie watching, Baking, Listening Skills, and so much more. All activities involve a Language skill incorporated into the lesson, making the event a fun learning experience.

Improve your English Speaking Skills

Students will improve their language skills by using them in real conversation. This method helps build vocabulary, improve pronunciation, develop better listening skills, and, most importantly, build confidence. There is much hesitation to speak when learning the English language. Often, it's the fear of making a mistake that holds us back or the fear that no one will understand us. With continued support and practice, you will be able to communicate your message with great success.

Adult classes-

Private or group

We offer private, one on one classes for parents who would like to study English Online or in person.  We offer classes in a group setting. Adults are grouped into similar levels.  These groups participate in conversations about their children's school life, places they have traveled to or would like to visit, cultural differences in their communities, and any other topic of interest. Our classes also place a great emphasis on speaking and listening skills as well as reading and writing. 

Summer camps

We offer summer camps to all ELS students as well as non-students. Information regarding camp are posted March-April

Online and In Person classes

Classes are offered online or in  person.  

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