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Marie Girardi

Kelly Pack

Here at ELS, we strive to go beyond the conventional ESL process. Developing as a language learner is unique to the student. We believe every student and family that comes to us has particular needs. Whether it's focusing on the Eiken Tests, Toefl iBT, SAT, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary building, we make sure that the student receives the individualized attention that best suits their needs.

Marie Girardi, the owner of ELS, has been working with Japanese families for over 15 years. With a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, as well as English as a Second Language,  Marie has had much success in reaching every English Language Learner by using authentic material explicitly designed for the learner's needs. Marie and her husband have raised two daughters in Scarsdale, NY, currently studying at University. Having two daughters of her own, Marie recognizes how important education is. Parents are an essential part of the process. Our responsibility is to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support the family as a whole. Here at ELS, we make it our mission to become a community that guides students and families to ensure optimal success.

Kelly Pack, an ELS Tutor, has been teaching English for over three years.   Kelly graduated from College in 2010 with a B.A. in Business Management. Kelly has two young children and lives in Rye, NY.  She believes that learning should be an enjoyable experience, building great confidence along the way.  Kelly encourages student's oral skills by using a range of child-centered activities that best fit the student's needs. Through her years teaching English, she has used her student's interests to develop fun and enriching lessons that keep her students engaged and focused while expanding their vocabulary and developing their language skills. Kelly understands that all students are unique individuals and learn at their own pace.  Kelly's patient and gentle demeanor allow the students the space they need to grow and develop their skills with great success.


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